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Binzhou: "Internet plus foreign trade cross-border electricity supplier in Huimin County began to rise
Li Zhen Jinguan net Huimin County of Binzhou through aliexpress international business platform, signed a $100 thousand net orders and the Middle East, this is the enterprise for the first time through the Internet and foreign customers to make the deal, "Internet plus foreign trade cross-border electricity began to rise in Huimin county.

Now, in order to get rid of the plight of traditional trade, cross-border electronic business platform into Li Zhen Huimin County net a guest who preferred. In the golden net office area, the staff is through the Alibaba international business platform, carry out online services for foreign customers. The company said the responsible person said, "cross-border business is the company's main business at present, through cross-border electricity supplier in B2C mode, the cross-border sales of one to one, from the manufacturer can directly reach the hands of consumers overseas, at least 3 to reduce intermediate links, we not only reduce the cost, but also can significantly improve our manufacturers profit space."

According to statistics, since the Huimin County Lizhuang trade and cross-border e-commerce export business was officially launched in the United States and the Middle East has set up 2 offices, products successfully entered the United States WAL-MART supermarket, Germany, Japan, and gradually and the United Arab Emirates, Italy and the United States, countries and regions have established contact.

According to the development scale of Huimin County netting enterprises, selection of key enterprises, to foster echelon: gold network industry, Heng Mai company, the company as the first echelon; Jinhui network industry, the Yellow River Lu Peng net factory, chemical fiber, chemical fiber, Hengshun network industry, flourishing China net factory ran for the second echelon; red cattle industry, Jiangzhou Electric Power Network China, chemical fiber, labor protection, and force letter group, Zhengda ships and other enterprises for the third echelon. Actively guide enterprises to establish and perfect quality assurance system, improve product standards, laying a solid foundation, cultivating a number of product brand and corporate brand, enhance the industry overall level of quality, brand value and regional competitiveness. At present, Huimin County has the right to import and export materials enterprises 28; registered trademark of 15, the national industrial products production license 55 enterprises. Products from a single building safety net development to cover the protection network, dust net, transportation network, agricultural network, sports network, leisure network, fishery network, safety belt, geogrid and other ten series of nearly 100 varieties.
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