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Binzhou Huimin: characteristic industry surging electricity supplier tide
In recent years, Huimin County of Binzhou City, Li Zhuang Zhen Jiang Lou Zhen Zao Hu Li Zhen rope, seedlings, wood, and other characteristics of Sun Wu Zhen clothing industry is developing rapidly, the towns have with the advantage of electronic commerce, the original characteristics of industrial upgrading, expanding market, made a breakthrough development, with the development of electronic commerce tide in Huimin county. Li Town has a town level electricity supplier service center, with training room, operating room, demonstration room, featured pavilion. The number of Taobao stores in the town has grown to more than 1000, active stores around 330, Tmall shop 3, Taobao enterprise store 36, Alibaba and other electronic business platform registered more than 200 merchants. Annual sales of tens of millions of Taobao had 4 stores, 5 million of the 11 companies, the Alibaba, Jingdong, Dunhuang, Huicong net electricity supplier platform registered more than 1000 businesses, enterprises built more than 20 sites, more than 50% of the net manufacturers and distributors of micro-blog, WeChat and other clients use to promote their products, the construction of cross-border the electricity supplier business model 1 (Shandong Jinguan net Co. Ltd.), 1 business enterprises (Shandong Telecom), business model village 2 (the total number of 30 Wang Ji Cun 121, engaged in sports marketing, driven more than 60 households; Sheng Wang Zhuang more than 80 households, 20 households engaged in network marketing activities. Drive households more than 50 households households), small and medium business net sports demonstration households 3 (Xuan Yi bin Hao textile, net, net new). Jiang Town Industrial Cluster service center set up rope, a rope products, services, product testing labs and other institutions, the establishment of vertical business platform China Net e-commerce platform, covering product center, business center, shopping mall, regional sales net products such as plate, the cluster of an enterprise and sales staff are all included in the network. Leading enterprises to take the "Internet plus" mode. Li Zhen on China Zao Hu the Yellow River delta seedlings Expo, created Chinese network, Chinese network by ash Sophora japonica information publishing platform upgrade for nursery stock trading e-commerce platform, has become the first line of Binzhou city line seedling trading platform, the platform has absorbed 458 members, release the information of more than 18000, is expected to achieve on-line the transaction amount of 350 million yuan. The big market of seedlings also cooperate with the Construction Bank, more than 50 enterprises settled in the construction of a good financial business enterprise mall, and started the construction of the North China flowers and trees Exposition Park and China good melt network the Yellow River delta modern agricultural digital port. At the same time, Li Zhen also developed "Zao Hu Miao Unicom", "Miao ICT" mobile phone APP and WeChat platform, the emergence of "Qilu vegetable", "micro seedling" and "Huimin help" micro business platform, and the establishment of forest cultural tourism in Henan company, Taobao opened a shop in the town of clay, taking electric preliminary development atmosphere the formation, effectively promoted the development of nursery stock industry and related enterprises. Sun Wu Street electricity business incubator demonstration park is steadily advancing. In the beautiful home business counseling base of small enterprises, registered weatherite Agel Ecommerce Ltd, created business incubator Park, has more than 10 enterprises to enter the electricity supplier incubator, mainly for children's clothing, food, and other fishing gear mounting products, covering nearly 1000, entrepreneurship.
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