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Shade net
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Material- HDPE

Application- light-proof, rain-proof, cooling, preserves moisture in summer and preserves heat, moistening in winter. Mainly used in protective planting and poultry breeding, helping increasing the productivity.

Features- it is of light weight, superior resistance of rub, mildew, acid alkali and anti-aging.

Length- 50m-500m
Width- 1m-4m

Weight- 80g/sqm-300g/sqm

Color- green, dark green, blue, black (all with orange line or not)
 others can be
to the order of the customers.

Packing-woven bag or cylinder paper inside and polybag /OPP bag outside or  

on your requirement.

The mark label is as the same.

Due to its multitude of benefits, shade nets find a very strong place in:

(1) Floriculture.
(2) Indoor plants, fruit plants nursery.
(3) Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper, Spices, Vegetables growing.
(4) Forest nursery growing.
(5) Cattle sheds, Fish Ponds, Poultry Farming etc.
(6) General purpose shading.
(7) Soil support.
(8) Drying of various Agro products.
(9) Wind breaker applications.
(10) As protection fabric in construction sites.

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