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Binzhou Huimin Li Zhen cordelle net achievements Huimin enriching gold signs
In May 19th, Li Zhen Huimin County Party committee Liu Wei guest broadcast Shandong radio and television broadcasting news channel, "accept" the sound of small and medium sized enterprises in Shandong province to host the interview, the audience tells Lee town development characteristic industry cordelle net story. The broadcast of the program has attracted the attention of the audience. For this town will take measures to cultivate cordelle net for Huimin enriching golden signboard practices, the majority of the audience highly. Li Zhen Huimin County is the Shandong nets industry first town, is the country's largest production base of chemical fiber rope. Through 20 years of development, the town built 5 large parks, 4 net net net area and more than 10 professional village. The netting enterprises and processing industry reached 4200, related employees exceeded 50 thousand people. The main products from the dense mesh, safety nets and building protection net, extended development of new types of nets, rope. Application areas include transportation, planting, breeding, living and leisure, outdoor adventure and other more than 20 fields. The past two years has developed a stand net, sunshade, weeding, beach tent, curtains, garbage bags and new sports nets. At the same time of occupying the domestic market, a variety of products exported to the international market, export trading volume reached 100 million U.S. dollars. In order to speed up the expansion of overseas markets, 5 enterprises in the United States, the Middle East and other places to build an overseas branch.
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